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Helping manufacturers with sourcing and cost maximization since 1992


Lutz & Associates provides manufacturers with marking and assembly equipment, as well as precision fabricated components. We help minimize production costs and maximize process efficiency.

  • Assembly
  • Decorating and marking
Precision fabricated components
  • Machined parts
  • Screw machine parts
  • Aluminum extrusions

Component Sourcing

Sourcing components well takes a blend of the right connections, knowledge of industry suppliers, as well as a deep understanding of your business. Lutz & Associates has the right blend, and we're capable of handling any sourcing task you have.

Cost/Process Maximization

Maximization goes beyond cost and process improvement by doing a deep-dive on your manufacturing process. Spending just a little extra time with analysis goes a long way to saving you money on your bottom line.


Lutz & Associates was started in 1992 as an organization to represent various companies (products and services) to customers in the Southwest United States and Northern Mexico. Our goal was to establish strong relationships with the Engineering, Production and Manufacturing personnel of our customers by assisting them in the design, manufacturing, assembly and product identification/marking of their products.

The Principal of Lutz & Associates, Robert A. Lutz C.P.M. brought into the business over two decades of industrial experience in Purchasing, Materials Management and Supply Chain Management. The goal at that time and still the goal is to assist the customer base in sourcing components, provide assistance in the manufacturing and assembly processes in order for the customer to achieve low cost/high value mode of operation. This goal has been pursued for over that last twenty one years.

We represent companies that produce equipment and supplies for the decorating, marking, and labeling of various industrial products (plastics, wood, metals, and other substrates). Additionally, we represent companies that produce precision fabricated parts, including machined parts, screw machine parts, and aluminum extrusions. We also handle companies that produce turnkey equipment for manufacturing assembly, manual, semi automation and fully automatic equipment for part placement, riveting (orbital, impact, hot upset, radial and blind rivets), roller forming, o-ring and seal placement, assembly, and sonic welding/heat staking.


Our primary suppliers are shown below. Please click on a company logo to read more about the company.

Fastening, Joining & Assembly Specialists

Orbitform designs and builds assembly equipment solutions for manufacturing including: Orbital, Radial and Impact riveting, Roller forming, Hot Upset forming and riveting, Projection and Rresistance welding and Palletized and Low Backline Pressure conveying systems.

Orbitform's services include Assembly Analysis, Tooling Development and low volume production runs. Since 1984, Orbitform has delivered over 7,000 assembly machines and custom assembly systems to manufacturers around the world.

Orbitform also manufactures a standard line of Powerheads and assembly components for machine integrators. All made in the USA within our 120.000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Jackson, Michigan.

Orbitform can assist you in your parts joining applications, to improve your efficiency and lower your manufacturing costs. Orbitform provides assembly solutions. We can show you how to improve your efficiency while lowering your costs.

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Specializing in precision screw machine (turned components) and aluminum impact extrusions as noted on the Dynamic website. Dynamic Tool has five (5) Rotary Transfer Machines with the capability of handling 7/16" hex and .500" diameter coil fed stock. These multi-tasking capabilities provide for the opportunity for tremendous cost savings on high volume complex components.

Dynamic Tool is located in El Paso, Texas and has been serving the precision part requirements in the Southwest for over 25 years. We are certified in ISO 9001:200

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Bob Lutz 480-496-9491 (office), 480-226-5772 (cell) or (email)


A company with the key executives having over 75 years experience in building precision vibratory and centrifugal feeder bowls.

Hoosier Feeder Company engineers and builds application feeders from 6" to 42" diameter bowls. Our equipment is custom designed and built to our customers' individual requirements. We offer a solid solution to a difficult machinery problem and enable the customer to increase their productivity.

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We are a micro aluminum extruder located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We specialize in close tolerance custom aluminum extrusions. Unlike most extruders, who require you to buy minimum quantities, we offer no minimums. This enables you to use us for production quantities as well as prototype and small production runs.

We appreciate the opportunity to quote on your aluminum extrusions and for any parts that require machining. RICHARDSON METALS is capable of extruding close tolerance shapes, eliminating additional costs and thus providing you reduced costs.

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Bob Lutz 480-496-9491 (office), 480-226-5772 (cell) or (email)


WEBTECH is a manufacturer of Heat Transfers and Hot Stamping Foils with its main plant and office in Robbinsville, New Jersey. We have been servicing the decorating industries for three decades.

We have the ability to print heat transfers by Screen print, Flexography or Roto Gravure. Our captive graphic group manufacturers all our tools, plates, cylinders and screens so that we can offer our customers very competitive labels and pre-press costs.

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Bob Lutz 480-496-9491 (office), 480-226-5772 (cell) or (email)


hot stamp and heat transfer equipment
dot and stripe marking
digital printed heat transfers
digital flat bed printing
tooling and automation systems

For over 30 years, Cassco Machines has been designing and building innovative and reliable hot stamping, heat transfer printing, decorating and assembly systems.

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AIS specializes in equipment for the assembly of internal and external 'o' rings and other seals and has been the leading edge in seal assembly automation since 1978. The product range includes manually loaded devices for internal and external assemblies, bench-top semi-automatic machines and fully automated systems.

Full automation, for external, internal, single or multiple seal application can incorporate component sensing and assembly verification making the AIS machines valuable quality assurance tools which allow operators to move on to less mundane and more productive tasks. Whether you require semi-automatic bench-top machines, full automation, or stations for larger systems, the simplicity of design and reliability of operations on all AIS systems will ensure maximum output with minimum downtime.


AIS designs, manufactures and supports a complete line of standard and custom pad print equipment and systems. Whether you require semi-automatic or automatic print capability, AIS can solve your most demanding decorating and marking needs.

  • Pad Print equipment and all related supplies
  • One to multiple color stand alone or fully automated systems
  • Exposure units
  • Pre-treatment and post print drying systems

AIS is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our close interaction with customers builds a trust that ensures quality equipment every time. When you chose AIS, our technical sales representatives, along with the factory sales and engineering staff, will work closely with your project team to get a clear understanding of the application requirements. We will then recommend the equipment that will best handle the job both economically and efficiently..

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Bob Lutz 480-496-9491 (office), 480-226-5772 (cell) or (email)


Our coverage region includes the southwestern states of Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and the Mexican Maquiladoras businesses that border the state of AZ. If interested, please contact us for additional information!



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